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Luca Tavian

Expert on Sports Marketing and Management

A reliable guide for the development of your business in the sports world



I’m a sports expert with an extraordinary experience in the Outdoor disciplines and, at the same time, a marketing professionist with a University education and a specialization in the Web tools for the development of  Brand and Corporate Identity. I talk as a sportsman to sportsman. I give visibility, I share, I influence and I communicate trough New Media following the Web 2.0 rules.




Web Marketing


Event Manager


Brand & Identity development


Partnership development


Digital Marketing Strategist


SEO SEM specialist




Old Media Planner



My study path after the scientific high school degree has always been directed toward the marketing disciplines. In 2008 I earned a bachelor’s degree in “Marketing and business administration” at the Cà Foscari University of Venice with a thesis in “Webmarketing strategies and Web sites promotion”.

In 2009 I participated in a Social European Fund marketing training course. I have worked for 4 years as Marketing Manager in a leading sports equipment company and I’m getting a Master’s degree in “Trade marketing/Marketing Intelligence for business decisions” at the University of Parma.

  • Master’s Degree in Trade Marketing 90%
  • FSE marketing courses 100%
  • Google Professional Advertiser 100%
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and business administration 100%
  • Scientific high school degree 100%

From Theory to Practice

I’m passionate about marketing and I invested a lot of time studing the tools and the methodologies to capture customers’ attention. Now I can create effective marketing and branding campaigns that can make a powerful impression in the minds of your target audience.

  • Inspirational leadership and collaborative attitude.
  • I’ve the ability to plan and work in team with enthusiasm to make things happen. In Rudy Project I have trained a team of 10 people who partecipate to sport events on selling techniques, merchandising, customer care and coordinate their activity on the field.
  • Strategic and creative thinking.
  • Problem solver.
  • Strong analytical skills, competitive intelligence and results focus.
  • Ability to relationship building and influencing.
  • Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  • Web & Print Content Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Product Positioning & Branding
  • Development of Training Materials
  • Sales Collateral & Support
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Advanced expertise with content management system (CMS) applications (Magento, WordPress, Prestashop…), web development and email marketing software.
  • Data Mining and Web analytics.
  • Database creation and management (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice)
  • Fluent knowledge of graphics (Photoshop) and display advertising.
  • On line Brand monitoring.
  • SEM, SEO, Web Design, Keyword research, Optimized Web site content, meta-tags, keyword phrasing, and keyword density to improve organic search engine ranking pages (SERPs) by search engines
  • The marketing education combined with my natural predisposition to make relations and an empathic attitude have been essential to improve my selling skills
  • Good communication skills gained through my experience as sales manager at fairs and sport events
  • Organizational and teaching skills developed at work and on many years of team sport experiences
  • English 80%
  • French 40%
  • Microsoft Office, LibreOffice 60%
  • Magento, WordPress, Prestashop 70%
  • Photoshop 60%
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 60%
  • Google Adwords 75%
  • Google Analytics 75%

Previous work experience: Marketing Manager at Rudy Project S.p.a.

From september 2010 to september 2014 I have managed corporate marketing and communications functions on Rudy Project S.p.a. headquarter. My main tasks involved direct Brand management initiatives, Webmarketing activities, media relations, advertising, events planning, product launches…

Luca Tavian Sports Marketing Manager


Web Marketing and Digital Strategy

  • Institutional and distributors E-commerce Web sites development and management (Global,Italy,United Kingdom, France, Israel, Benelux, South Africa, Spain, Brasil)
  • Social Media presence development (Facebook,Youtube,Twitter)
  • Custom Program management
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search (PPC,CPC, Google Adwords, Facebook Adv)
  • Web analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Expert in the technical, conceptual development of Web contents: concept creation, copywriting and content optimization

Marketing activities

  • Corporate and marketing communications creator (institutional press releases, product descriptions, media kit …)
  • Conceptualise marketing campaigns that effectively reinforce and build Brand images
  • Distributors support on marketing initiatives (Fairs, ADV, Web…)
  • New media and Old media planner for ADV campaigns
  • Partnership and relations developer (Companies, Teams, Athletes)
  • In studio and outdoor photoshooting with top class photographers


Event Manager

  • I have planned and organized the Rudy Project presence at sport events and fairs in Italy
  • I have defined the layout and merchandising of the truck and of the gazebos for the exibitions
  • Trainer of the Rudy Project Staff (10 people)


Web sites administration

Facebook followers

Managed events per year

Youtube views

Digital Strategy

Proven Internet marketer with four years of experience in On-line Brand development.

I have lead and driven Web initiatives, campaigns/promotions, and enterprise projects that have had a direct impact on the Rudy Project On-line Brand presence and reputation.

Rudy Project Web sites development

I have been in charge of 9 Web-sites development, update and performance. I have tracked and analyzed historical data, metrics and done business intelligence in order to take key business decisions to drive higher customer satisfaction, sales and grow the Brand awareness and recognition.
I assisted and managed 3rd party vendor relationship on Marketing/Web marketing initiatives.
I have been responsible for partnering closely with distributor’s directors along with IT, Marketing managers to ensure initiatives drive Brand consistency, attract and convert quality customers.




Social Media presence development (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter).

In 2010 I was appointed to the launch and development of the Rudy Project global and italian presence on the main Social Networks. After 4 years we get great results in the main Official Channels on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter.

Rudy Project International Facebook page has now more that 100000 followers. The Italian one is constantly growing and they are both a benchmark for the local distributors activities. Rudy Project YouTube official page has more than 455000 views.
Those datas put on evidence the great visibility that the Brand has achieved with a methodical work on these channels.

Rudy Project Official Facebook page


Custom Program Leader

I have been the Team Leader of the Rudy Project Custom Program. A B2C and B2B platform that permit to create a customized sunglasses. I contributed to the development of the procedures to process an order (from customers, distributors, dealers), from codifications to the shipping.

Rudy Project Custom Program

Event Planner

Sharing passion means being there!
I’ve been present at over 15 events and races in Europe every year delivering the best technical advices to customers, media interviews and partnership building.
I have planned and organized the Rudy Project presence at over 15 sports events and fairs in Italy defining the layout and merchandising of the truck and of the gazebos for the different exibitions.

I’m in charge of the training of the Rudy Project Staff (10 people) for a specific understanding of complex product features, layout guidelines, sales techniques to help them increase the customer satisfaction and sell more effectively.

Main Events:

  • Granfondo 3 Valli (Mtb race) – Italy
  • Granfondo Via del Sale (Road cycling race) – Italy
  • Bike Festival (Mtb event) – Italy
  • Granfondo Giordana (Mtb race) – Italy
  • 6XAndrea (Time Trial race) – Italy
  • Granfondo Novecolli (Road cycling race) – Italy
  • Marathon Franja (Road cycling race) – Slovenia
  • Granfondo Terre Rosse (Mtb race) – Italy
  • Maratona delle Dolomiti (Road cycling race) – Italy
  • Dolomiti Superbike (Mtb race) – Italy
  • Granfondo Pinarello (Road cycling race) – Italy
  • Expobici (Bicycle fair) – Italy
  • Outdoor show (Outdoor equipment fair) – Germany
  • Granfondo di Roma (Road cycling race) – Italy
  • Barcolana (Sailing race) – Italy


What is the next summit of your business we can reach together?

What can I do for your business?

My specialization and professional profile make me suitable for the following functions:

  • Marketing Manager in a sporting goods manufacturers or sports organisations and clubs
  • Communication Manager in a sports equipment company/sports organisations and clubs
  • Event manager in a sports equipment company/sports organisations and clubs
  • Digital Marketing Strategist  in a sports equipment company/sports organisations and clubs 


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